Day 7 – Unholy Sanctuary

Or anything by Unholy Productions, really. This is another developer that can’t really miss in whatever he puts out and I absolutely love his games because even though they have different gameplays they are direct sequels to one another.

Unholy Sanctuary doesn’t really need a “pros and cons” list. If you’re a fan of hentai Metroidvania games, specifically Castlevania games, then the gameplay will be right down your alley. The gameplay is amazing and doesn’t feel clunky at all although I strongly, strongly suggest you use a controller. I never had to deal with any bugs, it’s really crisp and one of the best gameplays I’ve seen out there in the genre.

How do you improve on a classic like Castlevania? Simple! By adding super sexy animated sprites having sex of course! Add some very sexy moans from the voice actress and you got a recipe for success. (I don’t remember the key but I’m pretty sure you could zoom it).

This game plays like many other sidescrollers, A few hits and you are undressed, and then if you get hit again you can get raped by the monster, I think you know the drill.

When you lose you get to see a still CG of the monster that defeated you but honestly, that’s not the strong point of the game. It never is with these types of games.

This game has quite a few levels, over 30 if I recall correctly, and many many monsters with their unique rape attacks so the adult side of the game is completely covered.

Overall it’s a super fun game that is pretty big in our Discord community, it has a very fun gameplay and quite a few sequels, sure to keep you entertained for a few days.

This game is available on DLSite and quite possibly a few other platforms so make sure you support the dev!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another review, be there!