Currently, Fleeting Iris is our only game and it is only available in English.

Kagura Games, the publisher of Fleeting Iris has translated the game up to version 1.01 to Chinese on Steam.

Heaven Studios will translate the game to Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and possibly Japanese when the whole game is completed with the DLC’s finished as well. Later on we might have more available as we find suitable translators.

This is probably one of two reasons. The first being a corrupt file. Re-download the game from any of the official providers and try again. If you still get an error try downloading from a different browser or using a different extractor.
Fleeting Iris was created in a engine called RPG Maker VX Ace. You need to download the Run Time Package from Enterbrain™ which is absolutely free and you can get from:
The final version of the game already comes with this installed by default so you should have no problems playing.

No. These were all longevity and loyalty rewards. If you didn’t get them on time while the games were in development, it’s too late now.

Absolutely nothing. You can download all the DLC’s for free. The only reason the DLC’s are provided separately is because of the fetishes incluided in them. This way the players can choose which content to have in their game and which content they wish to skip. It also covers fetishes that are banned in some countries so its up to the players to download only what’s legal in their area of residence.

It’s impossible for Kagura Games to keep the Steam version updated with the monthly releases we make on both Patreon and Subscribestar, moreover, had that be an option we would still not update Steam as these releases are a privilege to our monthly supporters who are the reason we are able to financially release these updates to begin with. For all purposes, the Steam version is final and it’s by far the biggest hentai game ever released on RPG Maker and possibly, altogether.

We still have to discuss with Kagura Games the best way to release the content on Steam as well but there is currently no ETA for that patch. We are still creating patches for Fleeting Iris and even when we’re done, Kagura will have to translate and work on the Steam version on their own so it can and possibly will be well over a year before the latest updates reach Steam.

If you don’t want to wait you’re more than welcome and encouraged to follow us on Patreon or Subscribestar. More supporters equal more updates and more content so it’s up to you guys if we’ll continue working on Fleeting Iris or not.

We have ceased creating a walkthrough until our game is completed as we keep updating the game and changing stuff all the way back to the first days of gameplay so we found ourselves having to re-write the walkthrough over and over and it’s just a lot of time we’re investing in it that could be spent doing other more important things.

Once we are done working on Fleeting Iris we will release an official walkthrough.

Until then, please join our Discord and type !walkthrough to see the amazing flowchart created by our PR Zellemate. It should cover most of the gameplay fantastically.