Welcome to the Alansya Chronicles® – Fleeting Iris™ official guide!

Please keep in mind that since the game is still in development there might be changes to this in the future, nothing is set in stone, additionally, saved games might not work in future patches. This guide also does not reflect all the routes that will be in the game in the future.

If you’re playing the game for the first time we highly recommend that you watch the prologue or you will miss out on important parts of the story, the first few days of gameplay is mostly story and character build which we believe will create a bigger immersion and understanding of the storyline, however, for the walkthrough we will assume you skipped or did the initial part by yourself since it’s very straightforward. The walkthrough will start from when you get your first quest. For starters, read the “Common Path” area of the walkthrough and from there you can pick which route you want and how to watch and unlock all the scenes. Save often and use different slots, some decisions heavily influence the story and it’s impossible to watch every scene in one playthrough.

Fleeting Iris uses a date system in which the game keeps track of which day of the week you are, some events are only available Monday through Friday, others are only available on weekends and some might only available during a specific time of the day, morning, evening or night. In the walkthrough we won’t mention weekends for specific routes (routes ties to workplaces) so you are able to do whatever you want during the weekend as it won’t change the story or lead into endings (for now). If you want to find out more about the weekend scenes then read the “Free Roam” part of this guide. You can check the day of the week or how many days you’ve been playing for by using the calendar item in your inventory.

To unlock the scenes in the reminiscence room you just need to watch them all the way to the end, ever since the 2020 Halloween patch you no longer need to save after watching a new scene to make sure it stays unlocked in the reminiscence room in all your saves. You can watch all the scenes you unlocked at the wall clock in Ayame’s living room but keep in mind it’s not available during certain parts of the game, mostly during events.

Ultimately, we will try to keep the walkthrough as spoiler free as possible but it’s not our initial goal and some information is hard to convey without going into specifics.

Finally, Fleeting Iris is as far as anyone can tell, the biggest game in its genre and it’s absolutely impossible to complete the game and unlock everything while reading the dialogue in just one sitting, in fact, it probably will take you a few or several days of active playing before you experience all the content in the game so sit back, relax and read everything patiently, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Director's Note: Let us introduce you to the director's note bubble! These aren't directly connected to the walkthrough but they provide developer insight on some topics and even offer tips and suggestions on how to play the game as well as fun pieces of trivia, let's give you an example!

Did you know? the name Fleeting Iris is a very convoluted word play with the name "Ayame" which means Iris (the flower), but a fleeting iris is also a reference to the "ahegao" expression since iris is also the round colored part of a person's eye. It's also a reference to how Ayame's purity state can be fleeting depending on how you play the game and additionally, the Iris flower symbolizes wisdom, hope, trust, and valor which are all attributes that can quickly go out the window in the game. Alansya Chronicles is the prefix for the saga and it was named that because Alansya in the name of the planet in which all our planned games take place. Ultimately, Starke just wanted a name that was unique and you wouldn't find by accident in search engines or you could find easily in case you were looking for it. The more you know!

Common Path


Before you start, if you skipped to the third day you will be prompted to make a choice regarding if you’ll have had intercourse with your boyfriend or not. This doesn’t influence the story in a sense that it can lock you out of content but if you pick “Yes”, Ayame will no longer be a virgin and the game will register that you had sex with Robert. This will change several scenes during the game which have different images and dialogue depending if Ayame is a virgin or not and/or if she had sex with Robert previously.

If you play the game regularly from Day 0, you still will have to make this decision but you will understand the story behind it.

Watch the disclaimer and choose the appropriate option in case you are under the age of consent or not.

The game begins with a cutscene where the main character is talking to her boyfriend over a hilltop in Ryuugai (Japan). This is where the main characters is proposed to and where our story starts. After the cutscene you are now in Heaven City (USA), ready to move in with your fiancé and start a new life with him in another country. After a short dialogue between the two outside, the camera will scroll on top of some characters that you will get to meet real soon and this will conclude the day.


The next morning Ayame and her fiancé are talking in the living room, watch the cutscene. The rest of the day is automatically skipped as Ayame is going to take this time to familiarize herself with the house, unpack, rest from a long journey, etc.


After you watch or skip the tutorial head downstairs to find out where the noise came from and go to the kitchen. After being introduced to a new character and a long cutscene, Ayame will go to sleep.

Director's Note: We strongly suggest that you read every tutorial at least once or you might miss out on game mechanics that are unique to Fleeting Iris, even if you played other RPG Maker games, like using 'Q' to hide the text box or 'CTRL' to skip dialogue. You will know it's tutorial time when you see this sign on the screen:

Teacher 1


Exit your house and head East to the next screen. Keep going East until you see the bus stop:


In the future, the decision of taking the bus or walking somewhere is entirely up to you but until you get familiarized with the city we suggest you take the bus and follow the instructions carefully.

if you want to walk there in order to get acquainted with the City or talk to some NPC’s, use the map inside the game folder for reference.

Take the bus to the Town Hall and from there walk one screen West (left) and enter Melvin’s Pub (it has a circle blinking outside).

Once you’re inside the Melvin’s Pub go to the counter and talk with the bartender to complete your first quest!

After the interview exit the pub and you will be sent home. After a small cutscene where you will be introduced to a new character you’ll go to sleep and the day ends.


If you skipped at the beginning this is where the game starts.

The next day repeat the above steps all the way to Melvin’s pub and talk to Ralph again. After a small conversation enter the door behind him (you have to go around the counter).

Enter the third door at the end of this hallway and watch the cutscene. Once you’re done, leave that room and enter the middle door this time interacting with the blinking locker to equip your apron. You will have to do this every day you wish to work in Melvin’s pub so memorize this part.

Go outside and talk to Ralph again who will tell you to take the customers orders.

To take the customer’s orders simply talk to one of the customers in every table, you don’t have to talk to all of them! Usually talking to any one will have that person order for everyone else. You can also interact with customers from the other side of the table so you don’t have to walk all the way around. This holds true for the entire game so get used to it when working at Melvin’s Pub.

Once you’re done collecting the orders talk to Ralph again. He will give you the customer’s orders so talk to all of them again.

Director's Note: We actually planned on having the player have to memorize each order and what table they came from which would lead to getting paid higher or lower depending on your performance and create some hentai scene scenarios once your morale got lower, but this would make an already boring task to be even more time consuming and boring so the hentai scenes that will happen from this will be entirely scripted (as in, the player has no say if Ayame makes mistakes in the orders or not). In future stages of the game the developers decided to completely remove the "collect orders, talk to Ralph, deliver orders" task and just place an image that symbolizes that time has passed.

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Once you’re done delivering the orders to the customers talk to Ralph one final time and watch the cutscene unfold. Return to the Employee Room (in the back, second door with the lockers that we told you to memorize) and interact with your locker. Once done, exit Melvin’s Pub.

You’ll watch a couple cutscenes that night and on the next morning Robert will give you a cellphone. Make sure you read the image and make your way to Melvin’s Pub again for another day of work.

You’ll notice Melvin is at the front this time. Get equipped (go in the back, interact with the locker) and talk to Melvin.

You’ll be prompted with an important choice. If you pick ‘Scold him‘ you will stop him and your stats won’t change. If you pick ‘Do nothing‘ you will lose 1 point of Morality and you will be awarded 5 Lust points. This won’t influence any route in a major way.

When the day ends get unequipped and head home as usual.

The next day do the same thing. Go to Melvin’s Pub, talk to whoever is at the counter, go in the back and get dressed.

This time Ralph will be in the locker room so make sure you talk to him before heading out.

After the cutscenes resume working as usual and once you’re done, head home.


During the weekend you will see a few cutscenes. Once you get the control back you will have to check a message on your cellphone (make sure you check the right one!) and then head to your neighbors house directly to the east (right) of yours.

Robert and Ayame will have dinner at the Garcias. After dinner they will invite you to come over again next Tuesday.

Next morning head to Melvin’s Pub again and work as usual. After work you’ll have dinner with your family and the day ends shortly afterwards.

The next morning you head to Melvin’s Pub again and you will meet a new antagonist called Scott. Once the work day is over and you’ve watched all the cutscenes you’ll head home just in time for dinner at your neighbors house as planned.

After dinner and all the cutscenes, the day will end.

Next day you will receive a new quest to go to the Town Hall and get a new job.

From now your decisions will change the course of the game so begin reading from the route that you are interested in. Additionally, you will also be able to skip the day through many events such as the Hot Springs, Massage Parlor, and Cinema (in the mall accessible via subway), among others.

Certain locations such as the Beach and the Gym will advance time forward so if you want to spend some time to do night events when available, you can use those to advance time to the period of the day you desire.

Head to Melvin’s Pub. After getting equipped go talk to Melvin and pick the option ‘Think of an excuse‘. You’ll receive a message and then head home.

Once you get home you talk to Jack and the day ends.

Next day head to Melvin’s Pub again. Talk to Melvin again and pick the option ‘Tell him what you learned from Jack‘. Your contract will be ceased and you will no longer be working at Melvin’s Pub.

You are sent home and after a brief conversation with Jack, Ayame decides to take a shower.

After the shower you will see a mini hentai scene and you’ll be given some options:

– Put them in the washing machine. [Nothing happens]
– Smell the liquid.
– Lick the liquid.

Pick whichever you like as this doesn’t change any big events, just your stats and future dialogues. Choosing any of the options will unlock this scene in the CG room (you can check all options later on).

The next morning you’ll have a conversation with Robert that is interrupted by a phone call. Your future father-in-law decides to come visit so you and Robert spend the day getting a room ready for him.

At night Robert’s father arrives and they all go outside to greet him. After the cutscene, Robert, Ayame and Jack will have dinner and a conversation will unfold.

Later that night Ayame has a conversation with Robert. Robert asks her if she can take care of his father. If you pick ‘Stay at home with Arthur‘ you will start and get locked in the family route!

To stay in the true ending route you need to pick the option ‘Don’t stop working‘. Afterwards the day ends.

Next day Arthur decides to go back to his hometown to be assisted by his doctor.

After Arthur leaves, Ayame and Robert go out to dinner and there’s a cutscene.

True Ending

Melvin Route


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