Update on Steam Version

Lately, there has been an outrage because many fans are angry that the Steam version of Fleeting Iris is not as advanced as the Patreon version so today, once and for all I’m going to explain what are the reasons and clear some things up.

1) These are not regular patches, they are DLC’s. By any standard, the Steam version is the final version. We never promised any further updates to the Steam version. We will still update it but to clarify, we never promised updates, we’re doing it because we love the game and we love our community.

2) Please, stop making conspiracy theories that we’re doing it for “money”. Almost any other company out there would charge you for each DLC, some would charge you for more than the main game actually cost, yet we are doing these for free and we will release them for free. We are not going to get extra money for it. Delaying it would help us in nothing. If money was the main reason we were making these games for we’d just release a quick game and move on to the next one, we certainly wouldn’t be making free DLC’s or release the biggest Hentai RPG game ever made for as low as 13€ when people were telling us to charge 3/4 times that amount of money and we’d charge 60 or 70€ like the “big studios” out there instead. The money angle makes absolutely zero sense.

3) These DLC’s are still being worked on. The Patreon version is NOT fleshed out and it has bugs, it has issues, it has many things that can’t be released on a Steam version because Steam versions are meant to be final versions of the game with no bugs and the Patreon version is under development. Once we’re finished which should be somewhat soon, we will fix the bugs, clean up the grammar, pack it all up and send to Kagura Games to update the Steam version.

4) “Why do the Patreon guys get it and we don’t?” Patreon supporters are the reason why we can make free DLC’s to begin with. Their financial support is the reason why it’s being created and that’s the reason why they get it before everyone else. On Steam you’re paying a one time 13€ fee for the biggest hentai RPG Maker game ever produced while Patreons support us every month, some of them upwards to hundreds and thousand of dollars, that’s why they have the privilege to get those versions while they’re still in development, because they are paying for the development to begin with. I honestly don’t understand why this is a hard concept to grasp. It’s like paying for a stock car and being told “just because we’re nice, if you wait a couple of months we’ll give you full extras absolutely for free” and complaining you want it now.

5) We are developers, Kagura is just a translator/publisher. They don’t have a team that can keep the game updated on a monthly basis like ours. They were unable to solve the bug that only happens on the CN version of the game that makes the game crash constantly, that’s why we created the Autosave to mitigate that issue. Imagine if they had to do monthly updates and fixes and translations on their own for every single one of the 60 or 70 or whatever amount of games they are publishing for other companies. That’s an absolutely unreasonable thing to request from them. I’ve seen them being attacked by very reasonable concerns in the past year, such as not replying to the negative reviews, replying with robotic standard answers, taking too long to translate, I get it, they are not perfect and could improve on some points, but this is not one of them and what’s being requested from them in this case is simply unreasonable.

6) By all standards, the Steam version is a final version, not only is a final version as it has all the main story endings, it’s bug free and it’s still the biggest RPG Hentai game ever made in terms of dialogue and picture assets! The free DLC’s were never promised at any given point in time. Again, we are doing these because we love our game and we love you guys and still we’re being met with sticks and stones.

7) Having the Chinese community spamming our Steam store with negative reviews is NOT helping us, it’s hurting our sales globally and it certainly won’t make the game be updated faster, if any, it makes us reconsider doing additional content for our games in the future because not only is not profitable, but it’s actually causing us damages and giving us a bad image. I understand your frustrations at Kagura and I understand how misinformation (see point 4) can make you be frustrated at us but we urge you to be reasonable and understanding the reasons for this.

8) We do games out of passion and all this negativity that we believe to be very unfair is making us consider either not making Steam versions of our games in the future because honestly, it’s not very profitable when compared to Patreon or if we do, we are forced to release it exclusively in English… We don’t want that and I’m sure you guys don’t want that either. We want everyone to be able to play our games, we want to professionally translate it to many languages so all of you can appreciate it in the highest quality and above all we want everyone to be able to play them for an affordable price. Please think twice before doing these negative reviews. If you want to criticize the game for any other fair reason, it’s your right and we encourage you to do it, only though criticism we can improve, but bombing our Steam with “patch when?” is not helping anyone.

If you really love the game, be patient, we will release an updated version of it on Steam as soon as it’s ready and if you still think it’s unfair the version is not on Steam, do not complain to Kagura Games since they can’t do anything about it. Instead, send us a message on Twitter or Discord.

Much love,
Heaven Studios Team

首先非常感谢大家对 Fleeting Iris 的喜爱。有大量的玩家因为Steam版本未能和Patreon版本保持相同更新速度而产生非常多的谣言和诋毁。


任何公司都会向你收取每个额外DLC的费用,然而我们甚至计划的是免费发布它们。我们不会因此而获得任何其他的收入。如果我们只是为了赚钱,那么我们大可快速制作完一个游戏,然后继续下一个游戏好持续性创造收入。我们也不会去制作免费的DLC,或者发布有史以来最大的价值90多块的Hentai RPG。

3.我们十分理解您迫切希望版本得到更新的心情。但目前游戏数据依旧不够充实,游戏内也存在缺陷。很多内容无法直接在Steam上发布,我们需要摘除它们确保他们能在Steam上通过,但又不会造成什么其他新问题的产生。在我们的计划中Steam版本应该是一个最终的版本,没有缺陷,不存在bug。Patreon版本是一个正在开发中的版本,我们再不断的调整,打磨,一旦我们完成这项工作我们将会把所有内容打包发送给Kagura Game由他们进行Steam版本的更新及汉化工作,我们衷心的希望您能得到是一个我们值得骄傲的游戏。


5.我们是作品的开发者,Kagura负责的只是汉化与出版商。他们无法提供像我们一样每个月对游戏进行维护与更新,无法直接解决一些由于游戏内汉化造成的bug,而这些bug导致了游戏不断的崩溃。这就是为什么我们希望能在游戏进入最终版后进行更新,也是我们创建Autosave来缓解这个问题的与您沟通的原因。 如果他们必须每个月对发布的60-70款游戏进行更新,维护和汉化,这个工作量太大了,也不是一个合理的要求。在Steam发布的一年内,我看到了太多他们受到的不公平的攻击,例如消极的负面评论,机器人般的回复,翻译的时间太久了等等。我很明白,他们可能并不完美,在很多方面也许还有巨大的提升的空间。但这绝对不是让Kagura成为您发泄不满与提出不合理要求的理由。

6.以任何标准来看,Steam上已发售的版本都足以称为最终版本。它没有漏洞,拥有Hentai RPG有史以来最多的文本对话量和CG,所有故事线路也拥有一个完整的结尾。我再次声明,我们之前从未承诺过我们对Steam版本会进行更新,但我们计划这么做了。因为我们感谢您对我们的支持,我们热爱我们的游戏。哪怕我们依然会遇到一些伤人的言论和恶意的揣测。但我明白这些源于您对我们的期待和作品的肯定。

7.在中国社区向我们的Steam Store发送负面评论并不会对我们产生帮助,也不会让游戏更新的更快,唯一的作用只会是让我们感到受伤和失望。我们希望倾听来自中国玩家的意见和建议,良好的建议和意见会成为我们在日后为游戏增加更多创意或有意思设定的思路,哪怕这并不会为我们盈利。但您的负面情绪只会给我们留下不良印象。我理解您的产生负面情绪的原因,是信息不畅和消费习惯差异使您对我们感到了失望。但我真诚的希望您能理解我们的苦衷。


如果您真的十分喜欢这款游戏,请耐心等待,我们会在它准备完全以后尽快为您呈现在Steam上,相信不会让您失望的 !