Fleeting Iris Roadmap

This is what's planned for Alansya Chronicles ~ Fleeting Iris for the next year.

June 2021

  • Park Night Exhibitionism (Ayame solo scenes).
  • Hobo Encampment (Ayame group scenes and endings)-

December 2021

  • Beach scenes. All 3 sub-routes.
  • Voyeur ending featuring Evelyn.
  • Photoshoot ending with Chun Li costume threesome.

Early 2022

  • Shota twins. (Released via Fleeting Iris IF).

Incentive Rewards (Unconfirmed)

  • General improvements.
  • Christmas patch.
  • Fujiko’s childhood (includes Ayame’s mother).
  • Jack Solo Route. (Jack solo route and happy ending).
  • Armand’s Operation Infiltration.
  • Robert’s trust endings patch.
  • Melvin after hours.
  • Cosplay Convention Weekend.