Day 9 – Saint Celes (The Story After Defeating The Demon King)

Let’s do a quick checklist. Thicc blonde milf? Check! Woman adventuring through the world while men try to get into her pants? Check! Gradual corruption? Check! Fun story? Check! Great game despite of the hentai and you can tell the developer put in a lot of work in making this the best game he possible could? Checkity check! The cherry on top of the cake? It has a sequel!

Saint Celes is everything an adventure RPG Maker hentai game should be. This was the “standard” for hentai games for a while and all the greats used to do something along these lines, the Virgin Island, Magicka/Ariadne, Sacred Eyes, Arms Devicer and Holy Knight Reina’s of the world followed it and they were arguably the biggest success stories in the genre. All the scenes are tied to some sort of story and playing the scenes in context is so much better than gratuitous sex / rape / hypnosis games.

The maps are really well made, you can tell the developer spent many many hours building these up and they make the game feel fresh and unique unlike most games where everything gameplay is mostly an afterthought and people don’t try in the slightest to get the most out of the engine, that is not the case here, no sir. The soundtrack has some of the RPG Maker RTP but most of it is Maoudamashii (used in a few games by developers who give a shit and don’t want to stick to the RTP) and whatever Ariadne used that I’ve seen nowhere else but here. These set a nice tone and immersion on the game that make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Obviously there are some people that going to love the whole “nun gimmick”, I personally like it, not crazy for it but I don’t know if it’s the religious habit or the fact that nuns are supposed to be pure, innocent and naive but boy it sure is fun corrupting one in a hentai game and it’s extra fun to do it to Celes because there’s something so nice about her..

On top of everything that is good, the game doesn’t end after 5 hentai scenes! Don’t get me wrong, the game is “short”, you can finish it in a couple of hours but the pace is just right and you have about 30 scenes to unlock which means the action is always going. This game was a breath of fresh air when it come out and all the other games from the same developer, especially the sequel and Mother Quest are definitely looking into if you enjoy this one.

If you like thicc blonde milfs, corruption , fun gameplay and you haven’t played this yet? I don’t know what the fuck you’re waiting for. Go support the dev!

That is all for today, next one coming soon. Only 11 to go!