Day 8 – Mature Quest

I am surprised how this game flew under the radar for so many people, specially the mature female NTR lovers. This game was developed by T-Soft which I think is the same studio as the renown circle Studio Pork or at least the artist (Kuzumi) is the same, however this game is heaps and bounds above anything else released by Studio Pork which is generally short mangas or visual novels.

This game has two strong suits, the gameplay and the art. The art is obviously a matter of preference but even if you don’t like the art too much, if you’re a fan of really well made games in RPG Maker then you might still enjoy this one.

Mature Quest is a dragon quest parody where the husband of our heroine is attacked at the start of the game and she has to go on an adventure to save him while your infant kid looks out after daddy. It’s the typical heroine goes out in the world and everyone tries to lewd her but the 8bit charm, original soundtrack, gameplay and the tropes/scenarios make it shine brighter than most games in the genre.

There’s so much to love about this game but by extension, so much to hate as well if it’s not your cup of tea. The game is long, the corruption is slow and progressive but you are rewarded with many, many hentai scenes if you stick around. For people that want instant gratification, don’t get the charm of the 8bit, don’t care about RPG Maker gameplay and don’t like this style of art, I’m sure the game will be literally unplayable, but for everyone else what you will find is a well hidden masterpiece and a bitter aftertaste knowing that this was the first and probably last game of the genre that Studio Pork ever released.

I can not recommend this game enough, but I will definitely understand if you don’t enjoy it all, I’d say you have to check it out to find out.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow.