Day 4 – Lust Prison

Another gem by circle Acerola (formerly known as Saboten). This was the game that I had the most fun playing…. probably this whole year? This game seems to be a collaboration with a circle named LATIA which I never heard of as far as I can remember.


Acerola games in general follow the same MO, it’s a glorified scene unlocker that follows common tropes where they have like 30 CG’s and then change them a bit here and there with different costumes, different intervenients, change the expressions from embarrassed to okay with it to absolutely lewd and so they maximize the content of their game by re-using their art in probably the best fashion I’ve seen, and I generally don’t like re-used art.

What is always a consistent trait with Acerola is that the art is absolutely gorgeous, the characters are usually thicc as hell which I appreciate and in some (most) of their games you have more than one playable character, usually fitting everyone’s tastes from the flat chest loli to the big breasts mature female, in this game your “loli” can even become a futa for some scenes. This not only applies to the amazing CG art but to the gorgeous sprite which is one of the best if not the best I’ve ever seen in sprites of this size. They really do as much as they can with sprites that size, truly gorgeous.

Another great thing about Acerola games is that they realize that their games are hentai first, gameplay later so they don’t force people to grind incessantly to unlock scenes, it happens mostly in a organic way and the pace is very chill, it isn’t stressful or frustrating whatsoever, specially considering the limitations of Wolf Engine in the battling regard. When you just want to have some “lewd” fun, Acerola games hit the spot perfectly.

The voice acting as usual is absolutely pristine and it fits the eastern style hentai perfectly. This might be annoying to some westerners that don’t appreciate this style (what the fuck is wrong with you?) but you can turn it off.

Something that is new and I hope is not limited to this collaboration is the animations. Boy, do they fit their art? The animations are exactly what Acerola’s games needed to give them that extra “oomph”, Almost every single scene in the game is animated, I really enjoyed it.

Every little detail that most people don’t realize is pristine as usual. The map is easy to navigate, pretty and very intuitive, after a few minutes in the game you’re familiarized with the whole thing. The menus are top notch and clearly have a lot of time invested in which most people won’t rightfully assess or even appreciate.


Here’s the thing, if you understand what Acerola games are all about and you know what to expect, there really isn’t a lot of cons per sé, you can’t really complain about the story or the poor/short hentai scene writing because that’s not what the game is all about! Like I explain before, these are trope based quality art scene collectors, and if you value it for what it is there’s very little you can improve on.

The soundtrack could be a little bit better, but most of it comes from old Acerola games and it’s kind of a “house” recurring thing, you’re so used to them that there’s actually some charm to them.

The game has a few bugs but nothing too gamebreaking? I know there’s a final scene that is super easy to miss (you have to be pregnant from a specific guy to get his final scene but he won’t impregnate you anymore? The clothing store guy, whatever…) but this might be intended. The standing portrait sometimes glitches, I remember not being able to remove the cum from my character regardless of what I did, my character’s standing portrait would literally disappear sometimes and finally, the combat can be a little clunky but that’s about it as far as I noticed, like I said, nothing too gamebreaking.


If you appreciated old Acerola games, this one is definitely for you and this whole review is not only a suggestion to play Lust Prison, it’s a suggestion to play AND BUY Acerola games, if you like this one I strongly suggest you check out their others games, specially and for starters.

That’s it for today, hope you have some awesome lewd times. See you tomorrow with another review.