Day 3 – Virgin Island

Sooner or later this game had to be here so rather sooner than later, I guess. For those that don’t recognize the game I’m talking about 乙女神物語~リフィのカラッパ島奮闘記. So what’s so special about this game and why so many people talk about it?


When this game came out in the summer of 2012 (it had been teased for a while and there was a demo for it, already) it became “the bar”. This game was absolutely ahead of it’s time in many regards. The art was absolutely amazing, nowadays it might feel nothing special but 10 years ago this was revolutionary, how crisp and gorgeous rifi looked like. The backgrounds and the setting for the scenes were also really well done and matched with RPG Maker very well. Not only the scenes were gorgeous, the sheer amount of them and the different well written scenarios that they portrayed made Virgin Island one of a kind. There’s definitely influences of it in Fleeting Iris.

The soundtrack was simple but extremely well used, almost everyone at the time used RTP songs so having something out of the ordinary was mindblowing, but what was really amazing was the voice acting. Rifi had the cutest voice and while she wouldn’t say full sentences she’d make sounds when attacking, being attacked, groped, the typical “N-nani?” type sounds, and they all fit the character like a glove. Who can forget “Mesatsu, Maiden’s Buraido!”?

The developer was also ahead of the pack. Almost everyone used generic menus with 99% of the games using no modifications at all and the remaining 1% keeping it very simple. The small script additions made the game feel different from every other RPG Maker at the time which was unique and refreshing, from the menus to the chat bubbles, to the clothes tearing system, to the day time system (being able to play during the day or during the night). To a community that wasn’t used to any modifications of the engine at the time, this was absolutely revolutionary.

The gameplay was also outstanding for it’s age, the battle system while not revolutionary would never get boring since you would be trying to figure out which monsters had molestation attacks or rape attacks while passively grinding levels at the same time.

The characters were very well written, with compelling personalities all very different, most of them slowly trying to make their way into Rifi’s pants and slowly corrupting her. The pace of the game was fantastic in every single way, from progress, to (potential) corruption, to amount of time you’d spend fighting versus the amount of time you’d spend in new towns solving puzzles and gathering information.

Virgin Island is a game I definitely recommend everyone to play, it has very high quality hentai scenes and it holds it’s own by today’s standards. It might be the fact that most of the games that come out are garbage but if it came out today it would definitely be top 5 hentai games of the year.


While it was revolutionary 10 years ago, a lot of it might be simplistic by today’s standards, the soundtrack, the mapping and the rather shallow gameplay, but I’d still rather play this than most of the garbage than comes out nowadays so, it feels rather unfair to judge this game 10 years after release when not even AAA games age that well in general.

No, it’s not perfect, but at the time, it damn felt like it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s recommendation, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
~ Much love <3