Day 2 – Flying Princess ~ Inter Breed

For those of you who know me it should be no surprise this game is here. The first time I played Inter Breed I was instantly in love with the game. The only question I had at the time was “why isn’t more people talking about this game?” This was when I finally realized that quality doesn’t always go rewarded, and sometimes garbage games get incredible support while amazing games are forgotten, simply because they are not being well advertised.


Some of its amazing features are top quality animated sprite art that is some of the best in the business. Inter-species breeding with monsters and monster girls and human females and male monsters that leads into more monsters that can be fucked by the enemy and bred into even more species! Super fun gameplay (mind you, I had never played Angry Birds or any of its clones before) that will have you repeating levels over and over again but in a non-frustrating way. RPG progression system with levels and gear with different rarities that once again plays in favor of longevity.

This game was hitting all the sweet spots for me, I could get on just to get a few quick rounds and see more characters get fucked and feel instantly rewarded, but when I logged off I was looking forward to come back to unlock more species and get that cool new piece of gear that might help me clear that one level I’m stuck on. For a while, Flying Princess Inter Breed was the only hentai game I would think of playing.

The characters are very distinct and I love all of them, for the human females you have the fierce main character with a slightly above average muscular body, then you have the massive titties mature blonde queen, the loli looking short flat chested green haired girl, the haughty, distant and mysterious looking tsundere redhead and finally the purple hair average body sidekick. Then you have the army of monster girls from ogre chick to bird chick, something for everyone! None of these characters felt like an afterthought and all the 100+ sex combinations and positions feel very unique.

The strategy puzzle-like gameplay is so fucking addicting and the sprite art with the varied characters really makes you want to keep going and going and going until you unlock everything. Flying Princess is definitely one of those games where if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself out of fun.


There are a few cons to this game as well but they don’t take away from the experience at all in my opinion. First and foremost, the story is as generic as they come. Princess tries to save kingdom and her besties at the same time. It’s not a big deal because it’s clear the story is not the main attraction of the game and it only exists for the sake of setting a background for the game, it’s completely unnecessary so the bare minimum is more than enough. It would be hard to make it better considering the type of game it is.

The (few) CG art is nowhere near the quality of the sprite art but then again I don’t think that’s the focus of the game and it was only put in the game as a small extra, maybe because it’s common in these types of tropes but in my personal opinion it wasn’t necessary so even if if it’s bad it’s alright.

Finally, the game has a few bugs and you might have to restart some levels some times but nothing too gamebreaking or frustrating, you will learn to play around it very quickly.

I absolutely suggest you get the game which is available in English language on DLSite, Go support quality developers!

That’s all for now, see you guys tomorrow with another review,
Much love!