Day 13 – NTR Legend

This is a perfect example that your game doesn’t have to be huge and have lots of content to be good, I mean, it helps, it probably would make it better but but certainly isn’t mandatory.

NTR Legend is a game about a bachelor gyaru male whore guy that moves in next to a recently married couple, one day the very helpful seemingly innocent wife notices that you might need help cleaning the house and she naively offers her cleaning services to you in exchange for cash, so far so good.

As soon as she enters your house you can start harassing her, this process is gradual until it turns into full blown sex, and although it happens quite fast (especially if you cheat YEN in which can be done in a multitude of widely known ways such as editing the save file or using cheat engine with float addresses) there’s some element of corruption to it which if you know anything about me and my recommendations, you know that I appreciate.

You can also get a part time jobs which are mini-games to earn more money and buy stuff that makes the process a lot easier as well as unlocking some hentai scenes that are unrelated to the wife.

As you progress through the game the scenes turn from sex to complete NTR, you get to have sex, record it and send the tape to the husband, drug him and have sex in front of him while he’s passed out, have sex in the balcony right next to him with only a thin wall in between you both and it’s obvious what’s going on, but he takes it as a soft cuck so it’s all good, you never get into confrontation or punched in the throat (inner voice in my head laughed).

The sprite art is very good and I think the game acquired quite a following to the point where a Western group made a copy of it that required permission because it looks like absolute plagiarism but isn’t that the best form of flattery when permission is requested?

Would this game become better with a deeper story and and more animations and sex scenes? Absolutely, but it’s really good for what it is and I appreciate it, if you never played it and it’s a theme you enjoy then do so, it will definitely be a few hours of pure fun to complete.

You can purchase the game at by the way, almost forgot.

Hope you enjoyed the recommendation, next one will follow soon since I already know what I’m gonna recommend and it will be out tomorrow for sure. For now that’s all, take care!

~ Starke