Day 12 – Stranded in a Deserted (or close) Island

Today you’re not going to get 1 recommendation but 6, and that’s mostly because just like last time, this recommendation will not be… orthodox. I’m recommending a genre!

Those that are closest to me and who I have discussed hentai games in the past probably have already heard me mention this once or twice but I don’t know why, I just love games where a girl gets stranded in an island, away from civilization, away from rules, away from help and they have to resort to their basic instincts to survive. This usually leads to a lot on NTR, corruption, sexual quid-pro-quos and other scenarios that I tend to enjoy in hentai games. I’ve found other games that were similar but either the art was absolutely not for me or the character looked too loli / flat chested for my taste so… with that said, I’m going to recommended some of which were my favorites and filled in all of the check marks, gameplay, story, art, corruption, so if you’re a fan of the genre like me or you want to try something new, definitely, definitely check these out (all links open in new tab):

Cocky Gal’s Life on an Uninhabited Island


SURVIVE & SURVIVE 2 Double Set (Actually a pack of 2 games, I don’t remember but I don’t think they’re direct sequels)

Lumile the Pure Maiden (Probably my favorite of the lot, super excited for the dev’s upcoming game)

Remote Island Survival of 1 Schoolgirl and 3 Lusty Schoolboys (Dev has quite a few other amazing games, but this one fits the topic).