Back in the days (old man nostalgia alert) extremely good games were very few and they were released very far in-between, in fact, right now we’re used to so much offer that we barely put any thought into what we’re going to play, we just buy (or pirate, yes) a bunch of games and we play them for a bit, cheat so we can check most of the stuff and move on to the next thing, but back in the day piracy wasn’t as common as it is now, in our community we’d by the top games and play them extensively, discuss them while we were playing them and help each others unlock every single scene.

Virgin Island had left big shoes to fill, only a few games were considered to be on its level or anywhere close, games such as Magicka and Arms Devicer, but lo and behold that out of nowhere, with amazing art and extreme promise emerged Sacred Eyes.

The trinity of signs that looked like the developer was actually giving a fuck: Non-RTP tilesets, original music, original scripts. One look at the demo and we all knew this was going to be the next big thing and it hit as hard as we expected, in fact, the only thing negative about it at the time was that some scenes were teased but never end up happening as if the Dev had planned them but ultimately scrapped them off of the plans or just forgot to implement them and just sold the game.

The art was amazing, I mean, if you enjoy big thicc young sexy things, there were multiple costumes, there was a nice story, there was gradual corruption, everything we wanted and more. Enuemu quickly became a fan favorite in terms of developers and I consider him one of the top 10 devs to surface early on the scene between 2009 until 2014~2015 when RPG Maker hentai games started becoming a big thing, hell, lots of the top devs today (specially in the NTR genre) tell me that Fleeting Iris was one of / the biggest influence on their games and I didn’t start developing it until early 2014.

I’d argue that to this day, Sacred Eyes is still a good game and still runs laps around 99.9% of the stuff that comes out on DLSite nowadays, almost 10 years later, and isn’t that the problem with hentai games nowadays?

I can’t suggest this game and other games by the developer (but mostly the epics) enough and urge you to purchase them on DLSite or wherever they are available. There are fanmade translations as well but you know, if you find one of those lying around and you end up liking the game, buy the game, only that way we can keep good developers making good games and not have them disappear into the sunset.

Hope you enjoyed today’s suggestion and I’ll see you guys soon, only 23 more to go!