6 years of development

How do you even begin to explain what is Fleeting Iris?

As the developer, it’s imperative for the vitality and continuity of the project that I am able to sell it, sell the idea, sell the project, but selling Fleeting Iris has a massive issue.

There is a a few stories, some analogies, some fictitious some true that somewhat explain the issue behind it. There’s the hot dog stand salesman that hears a financial crisis is coming and he himself creates the crisis, that’s a good one, but the one analogy that I believe fits Fleeting Iris the best is the one I’m about to tell you.

A few years ago in the TV show, Shark Tank, which for those who don’t know it’s a show where someone with a business idea pitches the idea to some extremely rich investors in order to create a partnership and get them to invest in their business, a guy was talking to one of the moguls and the mogul asked him:

Mr Wonderful: “How much does it cost you to manufacture?”
Entrepreneur: “4.35$”
Mr Wonderful: “How much do you sell it for?”
Entrepreneur: “8$”
Mr Wonderful: “Ok, I agree to go to business with you but only if you sell it for 50$ from now on”

That’s crazy, right? But then Mr Wonderful explained why he should sell the product for 50$, the product was so good, that no one would believe it could be that good for 8$, it sounded too good to be true so they should sell it at 50$ so it would convince people of the quality of the product. Lo and behold, the sales skyrocketed the moment he increased the price over 600%.

Fleeting Iris is the game that when we start explaining how much ahead of anything that has ever been done it is, people can’t believe it. It sounds too much to be true. 202.232 lines of code. 545.496 lines of dialogue. Honestly, I don’t even want to find out how many million words are in the game before I become depressed.

16.159 images just for busts and hentai scenes. Busts that cover over 50 costumes with many alternatives such as skin color, full body tan, partial tan, and speaking of hentai scenes: HENTAI SCENE GALLERY

Yes, it’s that many already and those are only some of the base variations. Added to over one hundred songs most of which original creations, a big immersive world with over 600 maps, many original tilesets create just for this game, hundreds of original sprites, dozens of different routes and sub-routes, it’s damn near impossible to explain to someone that hasn’t played the game already, the full scope of Fleeting Iris.

When we started, people only told us we were crazy and overambitious, that it was easy to boast about everything we planned to do in the future when we had nothing to show yet, well… in the words of Dave Grohl: “Look at us now, motherfucker”. He said it for laughs and so do us. We honestly don’t blame people for doubting us then, considering that most projects die, developers disappear or turn into milking machines, it’s a surprise we didn’t follow the same path, in fact… how many people have been actively developing for as long as we did?


My father, God rest his soul used to tell me, “If you want to go further than the others you can’t get there by doing what they do.” And so we did, we created the biggest hentai game ever made, we aren’t done yet, we created our dream game and we are still doing it thanks to our supporters regardless of how many passionate haters we had, we keep going.

Oh, we also have a website, run a podcast, help fellow developers and we are also fathers, family members, house owners, we clean baby shit and throw out the trash, sometimes it feels like we stretch the hours out of the days, sometimes we had to, sometimes we created deadlines that were only missing blood because it had sweat and tears, I guess we can use the times we got sick and kept working in exchange for the blood to make it go full circle, I guess?

And still, I bet you can’t go on a pirate forum without someone saying “what the fuck? 6 years? those games are milking the shit out of their patreons” or “why is the game so big?” well, because it’s bigger. I honestly quit going to public forums a long time ago. Anonymity is the opium of the idiots.

So here it is… what we have to show after 6 years later. How’s that for milking? Have you actually tried our game? I bet you didn’t.

All that sarcastic e-dick stroking aside, the thing I’m the most proud of is no doubt, our amazing patrons and subscribers, the community we were able to build around this game, they were the reason why we came this far, they are the reason why we want to go further, go bigger and be better, honestly, I’m counting the hours for another podcast just so I can chat with you guys again and answer your questions, you guys are absolutely wholesome.

I’m not much of promises, but I am one of goals. We will be better, we are better already and we are going to show how much we bettered ourselves in our next game, I’m claiming it right now, call us overambitious again, fuel us so we can talk again in 6 years.